Natalino FEVOLA


Mr. Natalino Fevola covers the role of maritime executive with broad experience in all aspects of vessel management, crew management and project management. He leads many management teams in the offshore industry bringing success to numerous contracts and projects. In all areas of expertise his knowledge has been gained both in on board and administrative roles.

1989-1994 DIAMAR S.P.A-Assistant to the manager in charge of vessel operations.

1994-1998 DIAMAR S.P.A-Embarked on various vessels in the role of superintendent as well as owners representative.

1998-2006 TECHNICAL MARINE SUPPORT SERVICES LTD-Responsible for commercial management, appointments of vessel technical managers and port agents, owners representative and contractual obligations.

2006-2009 ARGO S.R.L-Working as the DPA (Designated Person Ashore) holding the ultimate responsibility within the structure of the Safety Management Systems of the vessels managed.

2009-present ARGO S.R.L-As responsible for the Safety Management System (SMS) and for issuing and ensuring that the Company Policy is followed by all personnel, both ashore and on board each ship, as well as responsible for commercial growth of the company. In addition to the above responsible for ensuring that adequate resources and support are available ashore in
order to allow the Designated Person Ashore to perform his job effectively

Specialties: Ship management, crew management, safety management, vessel commercial management, ship project planning and management.



An advanced course created for graduated students and employees who are involved in the design and manufacturing phases of ships and/or offshore vessels/platforms, which will improve their skills in maritime safety as well as in environmental and security issues.

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A course designed for both employed and unemployed professionals who have already developed technical skills and capabilities in maritime safety, the environment and security at sea,which will provide them with additional expertise in the safety and security fields, with respect to on-board personnel, infrastructure and the environment.

  • Teacher has no Lectures in this module

A refresher course thought for teachers of high schools with technical courses, which will confer them an updated knowledge about multidisciplinary topics on safety and security issues related to maritime sector.

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