Stefano BUSATA


Stefano Busata has obtained a High School Technical Diploma as Craft Engineer / Shipbuilding Expert in 1986. Upon more work experiences at major ship design companies and at Fincantieri, in 1992 he was enrolled in the “Shipbuilding technical staff register” at the harbour master’s Office of Trieste with No. 137.
As of then, he has been working with leading ship design companies accruing a +30-year experience covering basic design of passenger ships, cable layers, drill ships, drill barges, and pleasure crafts as well as design of General Arrangement plans, Safety plans (such as Damage Control, Escape, Evacuation and Abandon, LSA, SFP etc.), Outfitting plans for passenger ships, refitting of existing ships, new ship’s project and last but not least yachts and offshore units.



An advanced course created for graduated students and employees who are involved in the design and manufacturing phases of ships and/or offshore vessels/platforms, which will improve their skills in maritime safety as well as in environmental and security issues.

A course designed for both employed and unemployed professionals who have already developed technical skills and capabilities in maritime safety, the environment and security at sea,which will provide them with additional expertise in the safety and security fields, with respect to on-board personnel, infrastructure and the environment.

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A refresher course thought for teachers of high schools with technical courses, which will confer them an updated knowledge about multidisciplinary topics on safety and security issues related to maritime sector.

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