Advanced Master

Cybersecurity 1

Hours: 8


Fundamentals of Internet architecture

  • Introduction to Internet architecture, Internet protocols and WWW.
  • Names and addresses.
  • Unverifiable HTTP transactions.


Fundamental tools for cybersecurity

  • Description and motivation for key cybersecurity requirements: secrecy, integrity, authentication, availability.
  • High-level description of fundamental mathematical tools for cybersecurity: symmetric and asymmetric (public-key) cryptography.
  • Properties of HTTPS and of digital signature.


  • Software vulnerabilities. Implications for cybersecurity.

Aims and intended learning outcomes

  • Awareness of cybersecurity threats.
  • Understanding of key cybersecurity requirements.
  • Understanding of key technical tools for attackers and for defenders.
  • Understanding of main operational challenges for defenders.

Recommended textbooks

There are no recommended textbooks. The teacher will provide a number of publicly available documents focused on specific topics and as case studies.