Advanced Master

Cybersecurity 2

Hours: 8



  • Zero-day markets.
  • Software upgrade and vulnerability mitigation.
  • Challenges of the “Internet of Things”.


Attack vs Defense

  • Cybersecurity crime and rationally economical behavior.
  • Opportunistic attacks, targeted attacks, advanced persistent threats.
  • Defender point of view.


User Point of View

  • Phishing and spear phishing.
  • Password policies and password management.

Aims and intended learning outcomes

  • Awareness of cybersecurity threats.
  • Understanding of key cybersecurity requirements.
  • Understanding of key technical tools for attackers and for defenders.
  • Understanding of main operational challenges for defenders.

Recommended textbooks

There are no recommended textbooks. The teacher will provide a number of publicly available documents focused on specific topics and as case studies.