Upskilling Programme

Engine use and maintenance

Hours: 10


Engine use and maintenance – Damage Analysis

Inspection at breakdown: Collecting the info from the site, Parts preparation and choice.

Surface damage evaluation: Wear mechanism, Corrosion, Fretting.

Component fracture evaluation: Fracture types under static overload, Fracture type under dynamic load, Fatigue fracture start point and stress concentration factor.

Engine use and maintenance -Injection System

Overview and Basics.

Maintenance Plan.

Top Issues.

Aims and intended learning outcomes

  • Understanding how to gain operating experience from used mechanical components, how to preserve evidence and how to avoid recurrence.
  • Understanding of key technical points for damage characterization.
  • Get a general overview of fuel injection system.
  • Understanding of maintenance plan and hoe it is structured.
  • Understanding what can be the issues in field and the possible reasons.

Recommended textbooks

  • ASM Metals HandBook Volume 11 – Failure Analysis and Prevention.
  • ASM Metals Handbook Volume 13A – Corrosion Fundamentals, Testing, And Protection.
  • ASM Metals HandBook Volume 18 – Friction, Lubrication, and Wear Technology.
  • ASM Metals HandBook Volume 19 – Fatigue And Fracture.