Advanced Master

Evacuation analyses

Hours: 32


Means of escape

  • Sizing of a mean of escape (Doors, Stairway, Landing) in compliance with FSS Code.
  • Sizing of a Muster Station.


Evacuation analyses

  • Evacuation analyses performed with simplified method.
  • Evacuation analyses performed with advanced method.



  • Sizing of the LSA of a passenger ship.

Aims and intended learning outcomes

  • Capability to size means of escape of a ship.
  • Capability to perform evacuation analyses with both simplified and advanced methods.
  • Capability to size the LSA of a (passenger) ship.

Recommended textbooks

  • SOLAS Consolidated edition 2014.
  • MSC Circulars (given by the teacher).
  • FSS Code Edition 2015.
  • LSA Code Edition 2017.