Advanced Master

Maritime Law

Hours: 8


The legal significance of international and national maritime safety legislation: compliance and enforcement.

Safety and compliance in marine insurance law: seaworthiness, due diligence, non-disclosure and the all important issue of limitation.

Chartering out, risks and liabilities for non compliance: who pays for compound delays and under which law?

The future of maritime safety legislation: artificial intelligence, traffic management and multimodal logistics by 2035 and beyond. 

Safety and compliance in the world of superyachts: LY3 and the Large Passenger Yacht Code. 

The human element today and tomorrow: MLC 2006, STCW and technology. 

Aims and intended learning outcomes

  • Basic understanding of the legal framework of shipping and the importance and function of safety and compliance in marine and maritime trade.
  • Basic knowledge of the key IMO conventions.
  • Understanding of the different roles of international and regional regimes.
  • Understanding of the importance of effective and uniform enforcement.

Recommended textbooks

  • Baatz (Ed), Maritime Law, 4th edn (London, 2018).
  • Lorenzon, Safety and compliance for superyachts, Chapter 11 in F. Lorenzon; R. Coles, The Law of Yachts and Yachting, 2nd edn (London, 2018).