Upskilling Programme

Noise impact on natural environment

Hours: 8


Ships and environment

The overall content of the lectures aims at providing a general overview of the global community vision on sustainable development and growth of marine/maritime activities at sea.The general context is presented by means of analyzing the EU approach to coastal and marine protection and  illustrating the key points of blue economy and blue growth initiatives with specific focus on marine/maritime activities for which ships and offshore structures are mandatory.Then the focus is moved to ships emissions both in terms of consumption and noise emissions, with specific interest on the ambitious challenge of a smart, greener, and safer maritime transport.

Ships design

On the basis of global community challenges, the specific (e.g., industrial and navies) demands, the lecture aims at providing a general overview of the to ship design process, highlighting its main challenges. The focus is on the design of green and safe vessels, which is addressed: (a) defining the “green” concept within the context of ship design; (b) identifying the key elements responsible for ship pollution; (c) classifying the type of interventions that can be implemented during the design phase in order to deal with the international regulations (e.g., EEDI, but not limited to); (d) the possibility to largely complement and overcome the built-and-test design approach, using the simulation-based design (and optimization) procedure.

Shipping noise

Shipping noise and its environmental impact are addressed by the definition of basics of noise; the noise in the shipping industry (e.g. during construction and during operations); the engineering methodologies for prediction analysis.