Advanced Master

Safe Return to Port-part I

Hours: 8



  • Manual Actions Definitions.
  • Timing of the Events (e.g. fire casualty).

Production of the operational manuals

  • Fire Casualty – Effects on Bilge System.
  • Fire Casualty – Fuel Oil Bunker & Transfer.
  • Structure of the operational manuals.

Procedures for conducting an SRtP Scenario Test

  • Scenario Test.
  • Purpose.
  • Execution method.

Industry testimonials

Carnival PLC, 2 hours;

The speech will be focused on understanding the importance of safety on passengers cruise ships. Mr. Casarini will give the opportunity of insight the impact of SRtP on ship management and will describe how the shipping company uses the Operational Manuals for drills.

Aims and intended learning outcomes

  • Understanding the basic SRtP rules.
  • Understanding the contents of the Operational Manuals and how these should be used.

Recommended textbooks

The course material will be provided during the lessons.