Advanced Master

Safe Return to Port-part II

Hours: 8


Safe Return to Port (SRtP) Scenarios

Ship Orderly Evacuation (SOE) Scenarios

SOLAS SRtP Rules Analysis

  • Regulation II-2/21 – Purpose, Casualty threshold, Essential Systems, Safe Area.
  • Regulation II-2/22 – Purpose, Casualty threshold, Essential Systems.
  • Regulation II-1/8.1 – Purpose, Casualty threshold.
  • MSC CIRC.1369 – Interpretations.

Applications on real essential systems functional drawings

Aims and intended learning outcomes

  • Deeply understanding the SOLAS SRtP rules.
  • Understanding the impact of SRtP and SOE requirements on passengers ships design and construction.
  • Facing and resolve essential systems design constrains and issues.

Recommended textbooks

The course material will be provided during the lessons.