Advanced Master

Certification Theory

Hours: 8


Type Approval Process and LSA/FTP/FSS Codes overview.

Decision Support system.

Exercise Sessions.


Industry testimonials

Adrianaval SrL, 2 hours.

Mr Marco Garbelli (Adrian), who is the Owner and Managing Director of Adrianaval Srl, gave an important contribution to Fire Protection’s Module. In fact he offered a comprehensive presentation on the traditional life-saving arrangements and typical survival crafts (including lifeboats, liferafts and MES), innovative design options for the huge lifeboats and novel design arrangements as the Alternative Evacuation System.

Carnival Shipbuilding, 4 hours.

Mr Tomaso Macchi  offered a wide presentation showing the main characteristics of the Carnival brands and organizational framework of the Carnival Cruise Shipbuilding (CCS). Moreover they described the main challenges (e. g. LNG as fuel, new life-saving systems) they are experiencing from design and operational point of view.

The lecture foresees also a brief industry testimony intervention by Mr. Rapisarda (TYCO Fire&Security, part of JOHNSON CONTROLS BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES & SOLUTIONS).

Aims and intended learning outcomes

  • Understanding of the technical terminology.
  • Understanding of the fire safety objectives and functional requirement to meet them.
  • Familiarity with applicable parts relevant to certification in SOLAS Ch. II-2 and Ch. III (systems and equipment covered).
  • Familiarity of additional reference codes including FSS, FTP and LSA.

Recommended textbooks

The recommended textbooks are the following:

  • SOLAS 1974 (as amended).
  • Fire Safety System (FSS) Code.
  • Fire Testing Procedure (FTP) Code.
  • Life-Saving Appliances (LSA) Code.