Advanced Master

Overview of the Marine Regulatory Framework

Hours: 8


International Safety and the IMO – history and arrangement.

Review of the IMO regulatory framework and how it fits together:

  • International Conventions: SOLAS, MARPOL, ICLL.
  • Codes including, Polar Code, Safety Management Code etc…
  • Resolutions, Circulars, guidelines.
  • MCA Codes for Mega and Passenger Yachts: LY3 and PYC.
  • ILO Conventions: MLC 2006.

Flag States and their requirements.

Port States and their requirements (EU, USCG, MoU).

What is the MED? And Mutual Recognition.


Rulefinder and other software tools for regulatory framework and class – LR.

Industry testimonials

Navalimpianti, 2 hours:

The speech will present to students marine industry from the 3rd party provider’s perspective.

Aims and intended learning outcomes

  • Understanding of the history of the development of safety of life at sea and the IMO from the early 1900s to its current position in the Maritime world.
  • In depth review of the Regulatory framework including the contents of the major conventions and codes.
  • Be able to show how Flag States and Port States interaction and what they do.
  • Understand the various port states and MoUs globally an how they are fundamental to ensure consistent application of the Develop an appreciation for the EU and the Marine Equipment Directive as well as the Mutual Recognition.
  • Brief overview of the various international standards related to ship design and operation as well as those covering the crew welfare and wellbeing.
  • Introduction to LR Rules and Regulations, ShipRight Guidance and Rulefinder.

Recommended textbooks

To be Determined.