Advanced Master

Overview of the Marine Industry 1

Hours: 8


Course introduction / welcome to the ASSESS Advanced Master Program.

Marine Industry Overview:

  • Marine Industry Stakeholders across lifecycle of the asset – design – recycle both direct and influencers – ship types.


Industry testimonials

Eng. Giovanni Puppo, Technical Director at VSHIPS, 2 hours:

Eng. Giovanni Puppo gave students a wide view on safety culture concept with enhancement on the marine industry. He introduced Marine industry’s  relevant stakeholders scenario and responsibilities. Swiss cheese causation model was deepened and the human element in safety, environment and security at sea was analyzed, together with human erroneous action and accident impact and statistics.  Then, students faced with PCDA plan and relevant regulation/standards  applied in Shipping Management systems and industry as well as with the formal safety assessment (FSA) and application. Also the following topics were discussed:

  • Alarp principle;
  • Formal safety assessment for large pax vessel;
  • El Faro report on conclusion root cause and applicability to the full safety chain.

Moreover, Mr. Puppo provided students with a lesson to learn the full shipping industry, considering both preventive and predictive maintenance tools and fail safe design concept.

Aims and intended learning outcomes

  • Understanding of the broad reach and varied parts of the Marine/Maritime industry.
  • Understanding of the asset lifecycle.
  • Understanding and appreciation of the various stakeholders involved with an asset across its lifecycle.

Recommended textbooks

To be determined.